What Features You Should Know Before Buying Pressure Washer Models


Are you looking for the various unique models of pressure washers from an online store for your home? Or perhaps you might be searching for the best models of pressure washers for your home?

Well, you have come to the right platform. This article will understand the features and functions of various pressure washer models to clean multiple things in your home.

A pressure washer can quickly and easily clean wooden decks and concrete patios. Pressure washers are a great way to clean aluminum siding, wood siding, and vinyl siding too.

Clean Variety Of Surfaces

Instead of breaking out the paintbrush, break out your pressure washer cleaning hose. With the power to clean various surfaces, such as Patios, Driveways, RVs, Cars and Trucks, Industrial Equipment, Walls, Fences, Decks/Wooden Surfaces, a pressure washer does wonders for your home.

Pressure washers are great tools to have on hand. They make cleaning tasks fast and easy when removing dirt and grime, but they can do so much more: you can use them to remove paintwork or graffiti, etch glass and prepare surfaces for painting.

Different Models Of Pressure Washer

1. Grandfalls Pressure Washer

Grandfalls pressure washer is specially designed to shoot a high-velocity stream of water at surfaces for cleaning purposes. They come in various types: electric/gas or cold/hot water. Grandfalls pressure washer models are rated at 2200PSI (pounds per square inch) and 2.1GPM (gallons per minute).

2. 2 in 1 Pressure Washer

2 in 1 pressure washer is equipped with an advanced G-self layering system that enhances its life about 400% and keeps the body safe. With the pressure of 1400PSI and 1.4GPM, you can clean anything hard surfaces n your house. This pressure washer is equipped with multiple spray nozzles option for multi-purpose. You can either carry it with you or hang it on the wall with the amazing TSS (total stoppage system) to avoid any damage.

3. Electric Pressure Washer

The electric pressure washer comes with incredible 1600W power German-made Electric pressure washer models are equipped with 2200PSI pressure capability and 2.1 GPM water flow. Its upgraded design and all-in-one storage system can attract any customer around.

4. Portable Pressure Washer

Portable pressure washer models are the latest innovation of the Giraffe Tools pressure washer, one of the best brands of its kind. Its aesthetic and pleasing sign can attract anyone towards it. You can carry it anywhere because of its small size. The German motor produces a pressure of 1600PSI and 1.7GPM water flow speed to clean any surface anywhere.

Highly Efficient Models

Pressure washers are a great way to quickly and efficiently clean patios, driveways, and decking. At Grandfalls, we have petrol and electric pressure washers ideal for DIY jobs around the house or commercial use.

Pressure washers make cleaning jobs more accessible as they use a high-pressure water spray to blast away dirt and grime from various surfaces. So, if you’re looking to do some heavy-duty cleaning, pick up one of our pressure cleaners today.

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