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The Best Baggy Jeans For Women To Buy This Year

One of the reasons why baggy jeans are so popular is because they can be worn with just about anything. They’re also very comfortable...

How clothing giants Gap and Benetton once ruled the fashion high street

In 1969, Don Fisher was having difficulty finding the right size of Levi’s jeans in traditional clothing stores. His solution was quite radical. Together...

A good job for robots, found – dealing with our embarrassing problems

Many TV shows have a scene where a customer attempts to buy a potentially embarrassing product – a pornographic magazine perhaps or a diarrhoea...

How to Create Highlights on Your Wig

Highlights refer to hairpieces that are lighter than your hair’s natural color. For instance, if your base color is brown, you can highlight it...

Start Your Cleanings With The Power Of Pressure Washer

We all know how hard it is to keep our homes clean the dirt and grime never seem to go away. With so much...